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Just Released: Multi Events Editor, Redesign on the Lead Form and Mass Complete Tasks

Lots to chat about with these new feature releases. First up is Multi Events Editor

With Tripleseat you can have multiple EVENTS under a single BOOKING. Prior to this release if you wanted to change the time of the event(s) or the guest count you would have to go into each event and make the change. Now with this new release you can change all the events at once!

Multiple Events under a single Booking


Now you can change the status and event dates with a single click. Plus you can move the dates up or back by a day or 2 or many and increase or decrease the guest count all with one click!

Check out the video below to see it in action

Next up is the Redesign of the Lead Form link for non-embedded lead forms on websites. Our previous lead form was nice, but we knew we could make them sexy and provide you with the opportunity to add more of your branding. With this upgrade you can now have the entire top of the lead form page to have a banner of your design. Check it out:

We made the entire lead form brighter and bigger plus the banner on the top of the form can be anything you want it to be.

Last but not least…the ability to mass complete TASKS. Are your tasks piling up on you? Do you wish you could simply click one button and all the tasks would be marked as complete? Well, wish no more, now you can!

Simply click the button that says “complete all tasks” and viola your tasks are now marked as complete!

Stay tuned because we have a bunch of new features that are going to be released soon!

  • Kelly Griffin

    This is great. Is there anyway we can make a priority tab on the tasks? Something maybe color coded RED urgent such as requesting contracts or follow up calls, YELLOW color for non urgent tasks like regular account maintenance and GREEN for less important tasks. Sometimes having 70-80 tasks, it’s hard to know how to prioritize my day.

  • Amanda Zelichowski

    This is very helpful! While this doesn’t come up a lot for our restaurant, I do have one situation where it would come in handy.
    Thanks for the tip!

  • Molly Pluger

    This will actually be super handy for us! It isn’t something we would use every day, but for those events that do come up, it will be a life saver!

  • Melanie Papandrea

    I don’t have a need for this, but I know if I ever did this would be AMAZING.


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