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Put Credit Cards "On Hold" With Tripleseat

You can now put a Credit Card “On Hold” without charging the Card within Tripleseat. The Credit Card will be held securely within and be available to be charged when you are ready.

On the Payment Tab within the Booking to add the On Hold Credit Card simply click the “Request Authorization” button and an email will automatically go to the Booking’s Main contact requesting they input their Credit Card information. Once that information is entered, it will be secured via ┬áThe customer or the venue can approve a charge on the Credit Card and have it processed by

cc hold


The Credit Card “Request Authorization” is also located on the Document itself.

auto doc



Use Tripleseat and to securely hold and process your customers Credit Card information.

  • Andrea Alvarez

    I am interested in learning more about this and is there an additional charge to be able to acquire this tool?

  • Patrick Bryant

    same question — is there a charge for the new feature

  • Jonathan

    No additional costs for this feature. You do need a Stripe account (free) and you will only have a fee (from for processing the Credit Card.

  • Rene Denis

    Is the processing portion of the service required or can I simply use it to securely hold the credit card information online?

  • Jonathan

    You will not have access to the complete credit card numbers so if you want to process the card you would have to use


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