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Here It Comes….Tripleseat’s New Interface and Design Is On Its Way

When Tripleseat launched in late 2008 our web application started a new way of thinking about Sales and Event Management. No longer did Owners and Operators think of their event space as something they use just for the “holidays” Tripleseat ushered in a new generation of Event professionals who set out to prove that the event business was just that; a business. Tripleseat users have made the post it note and notebook a thing of the past and have embraced technology like Tripleseat to drive their business forward.

Since Tripleseat inception, we have been the leader in development of Event Management web applications.  Our innovations include delivery of a Banquet Event Order (BEO) online, an online Event Calendar, the ability to communicate with the client directly from the application bypassing email all together, a workflow that mimics how the restaurant and hotel Event Managers work and the ability to capture leads from websites and Facebook to mention a few. With our upcoming release, we are revolutionizing the Sales and Event Management technology……… again.

The Tripleseat new interface is a radical facelift that will enhance how users interact within the application. We have streamlined the look and feel of all aspects of the application enabling the user to easily navigate between the Booking Calendar and say the Event itself. We have also changed the back end of Tripleseat so the application recognizes what screen size you are working within and automatically adjust. This is particularly important when it comes to using Tripleseat on your phone.



When it comes to the phone we made a choice to optimize the application so that our users could use the FULL functionality of Tripleseat and not be handcuffed by the limitations of iPhone app. It is one thing to have something you can look at on your phone, but it is an entirely different if you can interact and DO things on your phone. With Tripleseat optimized for the iPhone the user can now use Tripleseat as if they were on their laptop or computer. 

The overall approach to the new design of Tripleseat is to take Sales and Event Management to the next level. We are finalizing everything on the design now and will have it to everyone by this Summer. Welcome to the future.


  • Sounds great and some of the new looks is good too!

    It would be amazing if you could also include the ability to create packages. i.e. user sees £100 but in the background this breaks down to £70 food, £20 beverage and £10 room hire. Or even more complicated if it included accommodation, etc.

    Really looking forward to seeing the release soon!

    • Lisa Smith

      I 100% agree

  • all sounds great…we need Tripleseat to directly interface with OPENTABLE!! THAT would change lives…seriously.

  • Thanks for continuously making it better!

  • Awesome! So helpful!

  • That is awesome, super excited about the news!! let me know when it is complete, thank you

  • That is awesome so excited about the news!!

  • Morgan

    So excited about this!!!!

  • Holly Carpenter

    Super excited about this! I agree would be awesome if it would interface with OT as well as be able to build inclusive packages

  • Ah! This is amazing! I have been hoping for this functionality since I started working with Tripleseat! Thank you thank you!

  • I just upgraded my business cell to a 6 plus –
    will be able to see and work the app perfect on this and my ipad whenI travel

  • This is exactly what we have been hoping for.
    Thank you,

  • Cesar Hinojosa

    This is going to be great! So helpful!

  • Well done, appreciate the explanation of why its fully optimized version as opposed to specific APP. makes sense to have all the tools and functionality of the software available

  • Rachel

    This would be absolutely incredible. It would allow for easier access for our entire Management team as the BOH doesn’t always have access to their computers.

  • Michelle

    Thank you Tripleseat!

  • Kelly

    I really appreciate that Tripleseat always strives to get better at what they do. While it’s nearly perfect for what we do now, I hope you continue to get feedback (assuming Party People is an awesome way to do that) and continue to adapt to what your clients want. Thanks!

  • Shira

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Laura Wheeler

    This is exciting!

  • Michael Paz

    Sounds great. I have been waiting for this, Let me know if you need any help with beta

  • KP

    I cannot wait until this is optimized for mobile devices. It will make working on the go so much easier now!

  • Oh my gosh yes please! NEED this

  • Julia

    Looks great! Can’t wait for the launch, will make events much more accessible.

  • Shannon

    This is going to be awesome! Apps are so much easier than trying to do it via the web on the phone!

  • sara

    will there be a tutorial?

  • Joscelyn

    I cant wait!

  • Tripleseat proves itself to be an industry leader by blazing the path of nimble, functional software that responds to the market and the people using the product. I cannot wait to use this new version! thank you for working hard and staying ahead of the curve ..you remind me of a quote I recently heard from Andy Summers (The Police) about the band at the top of their game “We weren’t following the scene, we were making the scene”..well done!

  • Jodi Vince

    Absolutely can’t wait! I got to see a little bit of it – it’s going to be life changing!!

  • Cristina

    Great to use on the go! Its going to be great!

  • Jeff

    This looks great! Can’t wait to try it out…

  • Lyza A

    Very informative! Thanks!

  • Melissa V

    So convenient!

  • Nora

    Super Excited!

  • Laura Wheeler

    I would love that! How exciting and helpfl would that be?!

  • Arthur Morrissey

    The new design looks great, but I am still waiting to see it applied to our sites!

  • Nora

    I have been waiting for this for years! Super excited!

  • I use Tripleseat mobile site on my iphone but am excited for a mobile app! This would make my life so much easier as I will be able to contact more clients during off hours.

  • So excited!!

  • Cristina

    Looking forward to seeing the release soon!

  • Mobile app will be so great! Constantly work from my phone. It will be extremely convenient, thank you!

  • Mug

    We really need a mobile app. This is great!

  • I love the mobile version! Being on the go and still being able to be completely connected with clients and events keeps customer service from suffering and keeps me more productive.

  • Molly Pluger

    Love it!

  • Markela Taylor

    So exactly when will the mobile app launch?

  • Lauren Howle

    love it!

  • Melanie Papandrea

    When is this going to go live? I surprisingly pull up TS on my phone and it is kind of hard to navigate. The app would be great! And easier for the floor managers, or those who don’t use TS as much as I do.


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