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New Member of Tripleseat – Fulltime Support

I am happy to announce we have added another new member to the Tripleseat crew. Joining myself, Dusty, Kevin, Jim is… wait for it… Brian Neste. Yahoo!

Brian is a friend of mine that I met back in the day when I was lone sales person for Daylight Software. At Daylight, Brian was the go to guy for just about everything. Needed training material? Go to Brian. Needed help with customer support?  Yup, go to Brian.

Brian’s experience with restaurants and hotels, plus his genuine desire to be as helpful as possible to everyone, he meets makes him a perfect fit for us. For Tripleseat, he will mainly in charge of building the Tripleseat community of current and future customers.

Our customers are busy people and do not always have the time to learn more about Tripleseat or catch upon the trends within the Hospitality Sector. Brian will help get people up to speed on everything Tripleseat has to offer. Want to learn how you can make a killer Banquet Event Order (BEO) or Contract? Brian is your guy. Curious as how other restaurants are using the software? Brian can point out best practices and suggestions on how you can maximize the revenue potential of Tripleseat.

In the next couple of weeks Brian is going to reach out to everyone to introduce himself and see how he can help you and your banquet business.

Welcome aboard!

  • Scott Neste

    Congrats Brian!! For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting or working with Brian – you are in for a real treat!! Brian is gregarious, gracious, grounded in practical application and generously skilled in understanding the needs of small businesses, especially in the hospitality industry. His genuine love of people will immediately illustrate why many consider him the unofficial “Mayor of Portsmouth!” Tripleseat has made a wise investment in the future of this great endeavor. Congrats to you all and have a wonderful time!!

  • Brian is a stud, through and through. He showed us and Jono around Portsmouth when we were out there in June. Good times were had by all!


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