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Revenge of the Marketern…or something.

Hello there,

My name is Alex Knust. I’m the Marketern (or marketing intern) here at Tripleseat. I joined the crew here in Omaha just last month and have had a great start! It’s been great getting to know everyone in the office and I’ve really appreciated the way Dusty, Kevin, Tony, and Rick have all brought me in and made me feel at home here right away.

I’m originally from South Dakota and a recent graduate of Creighton University (majoring in marketing and interactive web development) here in Omaha. I’m from a “city” SoDak of about 3,000 people so I definitely know what it feels like to be from a small town! My interests lie anywhere between sports and dinosaurs. I’m a bit all over the place but hey, that also means that I can probably relate to you on something. For example, I love all sorts of different genres of music so I would definitely love to talk about tunes at any given time.

I love being creative and have found that passion to be shared with everyone else here at Tripleseat. I’m just starting to get my hands dirty with some projects and great ideas that Dusty and I will be tackling in the coming weeks. Even though Dusty ran off to Paris for a bit, he hasn’t left me completely in the dark and he entitled me to his desk (and sword for that matter) while gone, so no complaints here! I should be posting on the blog fairly regularly, so definitely drop in regularly to check and see what’s new here! I look forward to my time here at Tripleseat and getting to know everyone much better!

If you have any other things you’d like to know or completely unrelated questions, feel free to email me at I’d love meet/hear from any of you!

Thanks and have a great day!


P.S. Writing backwards is not my forte.

  • Nice photo Alex. And – even though you’ve been around for quite some time already – welcome to the team! 🙂

  • Brittany

    Nice work, Alex!

  • Alex <3 Tripleseat... awwwww!

  • That’s really thiinnkg of the highest order

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