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Second Annual Tripleseat Event Manager Roundtable in Boston is a Success!


Tripleseat hosted our second annual Event Manager Roundtable at Mooo Restaurant on April 8th. We had a great turn out with some of Boston’s best in the room to discuss food & beverage minimums, ways to continue growing your private dining business, and much more. With over 1000 restaurants using Tripleseat, we are able to pull data that helps us identify some trends from last year:

  • Sunday, December, 14th had the most event bookings in all of 2014
  • Average Event Revenue in 2015 is $3,500 that is up 57% over last year
  • Price Per Person is up to $75 in 2015 that is a 60% jump over 2014

Thank you everyone that cameĀ out – we look forward to next year’s!


  • hanna stoehr

    One of these should be held in Minneapolis! Maybe at a nice place like CRAVE Restaurant?

  • Hold a round table in Minneapolis! There are many excellent event planning companies and caterers, and our dining culture is excellent. I would certainly recommend having a round table at Spoon and Stable restaurant, the Bachelor Farmer, or CRAVE Restaurant.

  • It would great to have one in New Orleans!!! All of our restaurants use Tripleseat in our group and I know of others as well!!! Come on down!!!!

  • You should have the next event at Blue Water Grill in Manhattan, NYC. We have great private rooms and event packages for large parties. I can help with the booking!

  • Erin

    Come to Chicago please! I’d love to attend something like this.

  • New Orleans!! It’s the best city in the world!

  • The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s (a chocolate factory) in St. Louis would love to host you! Plus, we could invite everyone from the industry so they could learn about your awesomeness!

  • Megan Gardner

    PBR Rockbar in Las Vegas!!!

  • Come to the greater DC area!!

  • I’d love for you to host your next roundtable, here at Ocean Prime Indianapolis! We have a wonderful private dining room, The Prime Room, delicious food and innovative drinks!

  • Regina Pacheco

    The next roundtable should be at Chayo in Las Vegas.

  • Bridget

    I would love to see one in Mpls at Manny’s Steakhouse or someplace fun like Hell’s Kitchen or The Hen House

  • In Las Vegas, of course!

  • Molli O’Rourke

    MINNEAPOLIS!!!!! we have so many great venues!

  • Brian Dunn

    Definitely in Princeton, NJ. Its between New York and Philadelphia, a beautiful walking town, and has a ton of restaurants that all use Tripleseat.

  • Morristown, NJ easy access for all NJ and NYC – direct train right into town! OFFICE TAVERN GRILL OR GEORGE + MARTHA’s

  • Chicago!!!!! RPM or Hub 51.

  • Kansas City!!


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