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The Summer Updates to Tripleseat are Here!


In the last few months our Development team have not been lounging by the pool drinking fancy umbrella drinks. Oh, no, Kevin and his crew have been busy putting together one of our largest releases to date. Check out all the good stuff below:

Lead Section

  1. “Turn Down” a Lead. On the right hand column you will see a new button called “turn down” that, when clicked, presents a simple text field where they can put in a reason for why it’s been turned down. The Lead Conversion Report will now have “Turn Down” as part of the conversion reporting.


  1. Reporting has additional filters so you can run a report and exclude (or include) custom fields in the reports. For example, you can run a report that says “show me all the accounts that are University”. Now the report will show only the accounts with a University in the custom field. This update means that all the fields that are NOT related to the filter will not show up saving you time and giving you the data exactly how you wanted it. Theses filters appear in Reports and the Account/Contact/Calendar/Booking tabs too.

Cut and Paste from Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook

  1.  Cut and paste from Word or e-mail into any web editor. We have figured out how to strip that formatting off for you (we may be the only company to figure this out). So, if you cut and paste from Word into the picklist or the blank lines of the picklist within a BEO or doc the formatting will work and not carry the extra code from Word.

Daily E-Mail Notification of Upcoming Tasks and Events

  1. Tripleseat will automatically send each User a daily email with Tasks, Overdue Tasks and the Events that are happening on the day. Everything will have a web link on the email that will take you directly to the Tasks or Events.

Monthly Sales Forecasting by Event Manager

  1. Create a monthly sales forecast for each Sales person and compare actual sales to the forecast.
  2. Graph of progress to goal on Home page
  3. Set different goals for different months
  4. A chart showing the progress of all Managers to their goals
  5. *Coming Soon-The ability to have multiple goals by venue for people who book more than one venue

Miscellaneous Fixes and Updates

  1. Have BOTH short and long description of a picklist on a Document
  2. Ability to add a Discount by percentage or amount on the Billing Widget for a category or overall total.
  3. Easily swap between two Contacts on an Event who is the Main Contact
  4. Removed auto fill of event time when converting a lead to an event. Must include time when creating an event
  5. Added the ability to have partial numbers on a picklist quantity. Example: 12.5 or 1.4. Math will work correctly when a price is associated with quantity
  6. Automatically revoking an electronic signature on a change to the Document
  7. Automatically add a web link to the Document when viewing events from Google Calendar/Oulook/iCal.
  8. New User Role Setting that enables you to turn off the ability to issue Credit Card refunds directly from Tripleseat
  9. Ability to export all activity to Excel
  10. With Admin rights the ability to edit leads that are already converted to Events
  • Just wondering if you can list the names of people into the discussion who have received the message? When I get a email from the discussion I never know who else got it?
    From Millennium Events

  • Megan Gardner

    I love the new monthly sales forecast feature!

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