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Tripleseat Update! Auto Tasks Are Here


Auto Tasks Are Here!I am happy to announce that we have added Auto Tasks to Tripleseat.  Until Tripleseat, Auto Tasks in other software programs have been a lot of noise and, to be honest, not a lot of value to the end user. We knew we could do it better and we have. We wanted to eliminate the mindless and useless auto task that fired off even if it was not related to what you were working on. Most auto tasks simply were deleted or ended up cluttering your email box. Yuck.

Tripleseat’s Auto Tasks are a simple and RELEVANT way to create To-Do’s and reminders based on triggers that the user sets up. Each To-Do/Reminder can be set up to fire off based on a trigger event and it can even be timed so that the task is fresh and valuable.

Some popular triggers are:

  1. Guarantee Count Due – Trigger=Definite Status,Task Firing Date=2 days before arrival
  2. Menu Decision Due for Banquet Event Orders – Trigger=Definite, Task Firing Date=14 days before arrival
  3. Finalize Banquet Event Order – Firing Date=5 Days after Trigger=Booking Turns Definite
  4. Send Thank You Letter – Day after arrival
  5. Follow up on Leads-Trigger=New Leads (website/manual/Facebook/Tripleseat website) Firing Task Date=1 day
  6. Open Space Available-Trigger=Status goes to “Closed Lost” Firing Task Date=Immediately

As you can see our Auto Tasks will enable you to Book more business and get critical information to a Booking faster. To set up your Auto Tasks you have to have either access to Settings or have Admin privileges. If you don’t have either of these, then contact your admin person and they can set you up. To get set up go to–>Settings–>Automatic Tasks (top section/right hand column)–>New Automatic Tasks.

Creating an Auto Task


auto task

Once the auto task is set up Tripleseat will create the task automatically and send a email to the task owner.

If you have any questions or need help feel free to give us a shout!

  • Meredith


    Definitely think there is a use for automatic tasks, but before we can implement this into our booking operations, please let me know if the following can be developed into this functionality:

    – choose specific Rooms within Locations to associate with a Task

    – offer more Trigger options to choose from (create our own?)


    – include the Automatic Task assignment option within each Booking section allowing the Managers to choose a pre-set a Automatic Task when creating the Booking. Right now, the Automatic Task settings are still too general, and would be better if we had the option to set-up automatic tasks per booking, not necessarily based on their status change/document share/lead conversion etc.For instance, it could be in the section near “Owner”, “Lead Source”…add “Auto Task” – here the owner would choose the pre-set Task, assign to the appropriate user(s), and even have a text box to write additional info about the Task.

    If these functions could be built in, the Automatic Task option would be great! Without it though, we most likely won’t be able to implement it into our bookings.

  • Jono

    Meredith, we will look into option 1. As for option 2 you can do that now in less steps then what you described.

    Simply click on “New Task” (top right column) under the Booking then type in the task you want to be performed, assign it to the person you want and the date you want it done.

    Triplseat will automatically send an email to that person, with a link to the Booking and the task. In addition, that task will be added to their homepage.

    Hope that helps. If not, let us know and I will have Caroline reach out to you to review in more details.


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