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Tripleseat t-shirt giveaway!

It’s my firm belief that all great startups have cool t-shirts, which they freely give away to their employees, customers, supporters and friends. In fact, startup t-shirts make up a good percentage of my wardrobe. However, up until just recently, our very own Tripleseat didn’t have any!

Well, now we do and as such we’re going to be giving away some of our sweet new shirts! How do you get one? It’s easy! All you need to do is:

  1. Leave a comment on this post … Any comment will do! Be sure to enter your email address so we can get your address info.

  2. Tweet (or retweet) with a link back to this post.

That’s it! Probably the easiest contest you’ll ever win. Supplies are limited, and are first come, first serve, so leave your comments soon!

Enjoy the shirts (Kevin & Rick sure do!), and as always thanks for supporting Tripleseat!


  • Bill K

    Hook me up with one of those shirts. I will wear it exclusively when dinning out. Or, ya know, cleaning the house. Whatever generates you the most leads.

  • Jon

    I’m reading to rock a Tee… start up tshirts are the best!

  • Hi, love your company.

    Can I have one of those t-shirts?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Cool stuff guys

  • Dan

    Nifty! Gotta love startups

  • I love t-shirts, especially T’s that support a seemingly great product like Tripleseat.

  • Nate

    Tripleseat is awesome, and free tee-shirts are quantifiably and tangibly more awesome!

  • I love t-shirts!

  • Thanks everyone, the giveaway is over (for now)! Thanks so much for your comments and tweets! We’ll be in touch via email for details on where we should send your shirts. Thanks!


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