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We're Hiring! West Coast Sales Manager

Tripleseat is growing and looking to add a sales representative on the west coast! We’re looking for an entrepreneurial-thinking sales person to hunt and close new business. Skills required to be¬†successful¬†are an understanding of the restaurant business, working knowledge of web 2.0 applications like, and Campfire, and PROVE that you can close business quickly.

To apply for this position DO NOT SEND A RESUME, do the following instead:

  1. Call Tripleseat – (978) 841-9581
  2. Act like you work for Tripleseat and I am a restaurant owner with 2 restaurants in San Francisco with private dining space.
  3. Do your best to sell me on Tripleseat.

If everything goes well, we will then ask you for your resume and we can proceed with the interview. You must follow these steps do not send resumes blindly.

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