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Where to Hold an Event in New Orleans

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Parties, conferences, celebrations–there are any number of reasons you might throw an event in New Orleans. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of options. Here are four great places to put on an event in the Crescent City–all venues you can book right on Tripleseat.

Oysters and Elegance: Bourbon House
In the heart of the French Quarter, Bourbon House is an ideal place for oysters and local seafood of all stripes.

Storied History: Commander’s Palace
“CP” is one of the true classics in New Orleans, a landmark since 1880–but it’s stayed current, too, winning the James Beard: South award for Best Chef just this year. For old-world, jacket-only elegance, you can’t beat it.

Charming and Airy: Ralph’s on the Park
Dating back to 1860, Ralph’s sits right on City Park, and has a pleasantly domestic feel, like dining in a stately New Orleans home.

Casual Seafood Feast: Red Fish Grill
If you’re looking for a low-key seafood feast, with heaps of BBQ oysters and double-chocolate bread pudding for dessert, Red Fish Grill is your place.

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