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Where to Hold an Event in the LA Area


Whether you want an elegant seated dinner or a livelier sort of gathering, the Los Angeles area has numerous venues perfect for events; here are four of our favorites.

For a Parisian Bistro Feel: Bagatelle
This West Hollywood venue has a distinct Parisian vibe and the French-Mediterranean fare to match, whether you hold your event indoors or under the stars on their outdoor terrace.

For Elegant Mediterranean Fare: Fig & Olive
Right on Melrose Place, Fig & Olive celebrates the coastal Mediterranean, with an extensive wine list and sufficient space to host up to 800 guests.

For a Refined Steakhouse Vibe: STK
This West Hollywood restaurant isn’t your typical hyper-masculine steakhouse, but rather a more modern, elegant rendition, with a menu that features steak but stretches far beyond.

For a Laid-Back Gastropub: The Churchill
With the cozy feel of a gastropub, but also with a sidewalk patio and California wines and beers, The Churchill combines old-world and new-world in the best of ways.

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